YouTube Warns of Subscriber Loss Due To Fake Site Purge

YouTube has issued a warning to its network of content creators that they could see a drop in subscriber numbers due to the video site’s purge of spam accounts.

This action could mean some smaller creators could lose money. That’s because many smaller creator accounts may fall below the 1,000 subscriber threshold YouTube sets for payouts to their creator partners. If an account falls below that number, they are out of the YouTube Partner Program and must grow their subscriber base “organically” back to that mark before they are readmitted back in.

“Removing spam from the platform helps ensure that YouTube remains a fair playing field for everyone and should result in higher confidence that you’re organically building a community of authentic fans,” said a statement on parent company Google’s blog.

YouTube says this purge of fake account started yesterday and continues today (Dec 13-14), and creators could notice a decline in their subscriber numbers.

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