WeWork Buys Spatial Analytics Startup Elucid

WeWork announced it purchased the spatial analytics firm Elucid to find ways to improve shared workspaces.

Euclid built a proprietary analytic service that uses WiFi signals to understand how space within an operation is used without installing additional hardware. WeWork plans to integrate Euclid into the WeWork team and their staff and capabilities will be tasked with accelerating the development of inter-workplace insights in offices that aren’t part of WeWork’s vast network of co-office spaces.

“Our goal is to help enterprises create the most efficient, effective, and engaged workplaces for their employees,” said WeWork’s chief product officer Shiva Rajaraman in a statement. “With Euclid now part of our organization, we will be able to provide enterprises with holistic insights around how their workplaces are used—ultimately, helping them to make more informed decisions to support their growth and company culture.”

“Euclid has been focused on developing the world-leading technology platform that paves the way for more compelling, efficient, and relevant experiences in the physical world,” adds Euclid CEO Brent Franson. “With an ambitious vision, aligned mission, and amazing team, WeWork couldn’t be a better home for Euclid’s next chapter. We’re excited to join WeWork in redefining the workplace experience of the future.”

This new acquisition, the first of the year for WeWork, comes months after the purchase of software and logistics provider Teem, which provides space management technology that provides insights to maximize employee success and optimize space for an institution’s real estate portfolio. This startup has also been integrated fully within WeWork.

Terms of both acquisitions were undisclosed.

Image source: WeWork/Euclid

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