VC Kleiner Perkins Buckles Down on Early Stage Startups

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Promising to go “Back to the Future” to help new startups take off, venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins announced it will launch it’s 18th venture backing fund to help launch new startup businesses.

The $600 million fund will focus on early stage investments (presumably seed, series A and B startups). For KP, that means going back to the company’s roots of helping to launch new businesses that become future successful big players in their respective fields.

“Venture capital has evolved dramatically over the past decades,” said a statement from KP.  “As we deliberated our strategy and studied our history, the answer was clear: we’re going “back to the future” returning to Kleiner’s roots.”

KP says it can help new startups by partnering with founders to help build the foundations of the business. KP’s technologists, operators and seasoned investors can assist entrepreneurs by creating the most impact for founders and limited partners.

The 47 year old VC firm hopes to generate a new generation of high powered startups that grow into successful unicorns and multi-billion dollar powerhouses.

“We can’t wait to see what entrepreneurs will build on existing platforms and technology foundations yet to come,” KP says.

Video/Image source: Kleiner Perkins. 


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