Uber’s JUMP Rebuffed Again in SF

JUMP, the motorized scooter service from ride-hailing company Uber, is running into resistance getting its scooter service in San Francisco.

A hearing officer from the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA), denied JUMP’s appeal to an earlier decision by the local transportation agency not to allow JUMP to operate scooters in the city.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, JUMP was among 10 applicants that failed to make the cut for the city’s pilot program that started October 15. Only Skip and Scoot won the nods. Uber believes JUMP wasn’t selected because of bias on the part of SFMTA due to publicized misdeeds by Uber.

“JUMP’s record in this stationless bike share program in the city has been exceptional, and as an experienced and well-qualified vendor, I would expect that its stationless e-scooter program would be just as effective,” wrote James Doyle, hearing officer for SFMTA. “Allowing additional capable operators to participate in the pilot program will also enhance [its] probability of success.”

JUMP did get a potential lifeline, however. It was recommended by the hearing officer to be reconsidered for phase two of the pilot program, which starts April 15th.

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