Uber, Slack Release Financials for Upcoming IPO’s

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Where its Friday for most people, for those connected with two rapidly growing startups, today is not just another day.

It’s IPO day.

Uber released the S-1 prospectus to its upcoming IPO early this morning that projects it’s per-share asking price at $44-$50. This translates to an $84 billion net worth for the ride hailing company.

One company that could reap huge profits from Uber’s public debut is PayPal, which took a $500 million strategic stake in the company.

Uber, however, does not own the day. Another high flying startup, Slack, made it’s public intentions known by filing for a direct listing on the NYSE (under the “SK” symbol). Slack is valued at $17 billion on the secondary market.

It’s financials revealed it posted a loss of $138 million while scoring $400 million in revenues in 2018.

Both companies look to start trading later this spring.