Immersive Entertainment Startup Tyffon Raises $7.8 Million

Santa Monica, California based Tyffon, which develops and operates high-end “free roam” virtual reality location-based experiences, has landed new financing to grow its immersive tech operations worldwide.

The startup has raised $7.8 million in new Series A financing, led by Tokyo Broadcasting System, with participation from The Walt Disney Company, SEGA SAMMY Holdings, Canal Ventures, Mizuho Capital, Tokyu Recreation and other venture partners. Its total financing haul is more than $12 million.

Image credit: Tyffon, PR Newswire

Tyffon, a graduate of the Disney Accelerator, is the top “free roam” VR company in Japan and operates two location-based “Tyffonium” venues in Odaiba and Shibuya in Tokyo. A third will be opened in the Tokyo location and its first U.S. location will come to Los Angeles later this year. Tyffon is known for products such as mixed reality horror-based “Corridor’, fantasy ride centered “Fluctus”, and another fantasy-driven experience, “Tarot VR: Voyage of Reverie.”

“We enthusiastically welcome our new strategic investments and look forward to expanding our innovative and impactful Tyffonium immersive experiences beyond Japan, to audiences in the U.S., and later in other territories around the world,”said Tyffon CEO Ken Fukazawa, in a statement. “We are gratified at the tremendous pedigree of our investors who have placed their faith and trust in us.  They represent some of the leading media, entertainment and technology innovators and creative forces in the world.”

Tyffon plans to use its new funding to expand its worldwide team and further its growth of the Tyffoniums brand in both Japan and America, and eventually worldwide. It plans to work closely with U.S. media and entertainment firms to bring their content, characters, franchises and intellectual property to audiences around the world.

“We at Tyffon are committed to honoring that creative legacy and creating and sharing the highest quality and most innovative immersive experiences in the world,” said Fukazawa.
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