Techstars Hopes to Supercharge Innovation With “Studio”

Techstars, the global network for nurturing startups, wants to give entrepreneurs a singular place to develop, build and launch new businesses. So they have announced a new initiative, called Techstars Studio.

Studio will serve as a launching pad for new disruptive startups as well as to help existing larger firms find new ways to innovate in a tech intensive landscape. Within the network of Techstars, upstart businesses can envision, develop and launch new startups in one place.

Creators and entrepreneurs will have access to Techstars vast network, which includes accelerator alumni, community leaders, venture capitalists and corporate partners. They can also take advantage of in-house marketing and concept testing and can tap the Techstars network for funding and talent.

“In 2007, Techstars forever changed the way entrepreneurs build companies by introducing the mentorship-driven accelerator model,” said Techstars founder and co-CEO David Cohen, in a statement. “Today, Techstars is launching a new way to build companies by coupling a full service venture studio with the entrepreneurial talent of the Techstars worldwide network and our proven track record of helping startups succeed.”

Applicants don’t have to be startups to join ether. Large companies can also tap these resources to keep up with a more competitive and innovative marketplace.

“Our corporate partners are so excited about Techstars Studio because we have an unparalleled network of entrepreneurial talent, with a proven track record for discovering the most promising founders and helping them build successful companies,” said Techstars VP of Talent, Sabina Kelly

Techstars also announced that it added two accomplished entrepreneurs to its Studio team, Issac Salanda, founder of SendGrid, and Mike Rowan a former VP of the same company. They will assist a team of advisers and investors in residence with Studio.

Those interested in more information about Techstars Studio can visit

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