Survey: Stripe Most Likely Among Startups to Increase Value

Startup funder First Round Capital surveyed 529 founders of startups about, among other things, which private startup stands the best chance of seeing its value increase over the next ten years.

They ranked Stripe, a payment processing startup, as the most promising new business, with 19% naming the eight year old startup.

Next up on the list…

2. Space X (Elon Musk’s space exploration company), 12.7%

3. Coinbase, a digital coin currency exchange, 12.1%

4. Slack, an office communications software, 11.3%

5. AirBnB, the travel planning startup, 9.8%

The rest of the most promising startups named included Palantir, WeWork, Uber, Lyft and Pinterest.

This particular question is one of several posed to selected software founders as part of First Round’s State of Startups survey for 2018.

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