Super Bowl Startup Ads Underwhelm

Six startups launched ad campaigns during the Super Bowl last Sunday night, but whether the ads made an impact remains to be seen.

None of the startups placed in the top ten of USA Today’s Ad Meter, which tracks audience response to campaigns aired during the big game. The highest ranking ad was by Bumble, a dating app who’s ad featured tennis legend Serena Williams. That ad, titled “The Ball Is In Her Court,” placed #23rd.

The next ranked ad came in 39th, from security device SimpliSafe with a campaigned entitled “Fear is Everywhere.”

The rest finished 42nd (Expensify, an online expense tracking service, featuring rapper 2 Chanz and actor Adam Scott), 53rd (Mint Mobile, a low-cost wireless service in its first Super Bowl ad, “Chunky Style Milk” ) and 57th (, which featured supermodel Karlie Kloss).

Advertising during the Super Bowl affords the largest audience these firms will likely ever see. As many as 114 million viewers worldwide are tuned into the game, so many startups feel like getting their ads on the big game is worth the millions they’ll spend to get their ads on the air.

The NFL, Amazon and Microsoft placed in the top three out of 58 ads that ran during the Patriots/Rams game held in Atlanta, Ga. CNBC reported that $5.25 million was the cost of an ad during the game this year, a record.

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