StandoutStartups: Cien Helps Biz Understand Customers With AI

Artificial Intelligence is powering more business decisions these days, and this new technology is starting to make inroads into sales and customer service departments.

One of the new startups finding ways to make AI work in the interworkings of business is Cien, a Miami, Florida based company that helps sales teams use the power of AI to increase productivity and effectiveness in their sales departments.

Cien’s app, available on the Salesforce AppExhange, takes into account human and behavioral elements to detect issues, predict outcomes and recommend the easiest path to success.

“There are plenty of learning algorithms out there, but very few take human behavior into account,” said Rob Kall, co-founder of Cien. “That’s what sales professionals like about Cien. We give them the ability to see and understand how and why they achieve their goals.”

Kall co-founded Cien in 2016, along with Margot Carter and Ben Strum. They feel there is tremendous potential for AI in office operations.”Virtually all forward-thinking companies are discussing how to use AI to gain a competitive edge,” said Carter in an interview with MarTechSeries. “Cien offers an easy solution where it matters the most; in improving Sales Productivity.”

Cien’s customer base has been expanding. Among its current users are Compettia, Tiller, PrintSome, NextLimit and Cornerjob. It was named SalesForce’s “Customer Service Hero”, and won MarTech’s “Innovation Award for CRM Software” in 2018.

On February 2017, Cien raised $1 million in seed capital to expand its existing product line and add to staff in the U.S. and Europe. In December 2018, the company received $1.8 million to fund a Center of Excellence for data science and artificial intelligence in Barcelona, Spain, for the purpose of understanding B2B buyer and seller behavior by analyzing customer relationship management data.





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