May 27, 2020

Sourcegraph – $23 Million

San Francisco, CA ; 3/3/20

Amount Funded: $23 Million

Type: Series B

Lead Investor: Craft Ventures

Participating Investor(s): Goldcrest Capital, RedPoint Ventures, Hanover, Burst

Company Description: Sourcegraph Universal Code Search empowers all developers to explore, navigate, and better understand all code, everywhere, faster. Sourcegraph’s mission is to make it easier and faster for developers to work on solving problems. Sourcegraph is built for all companies, from startups needing a solid foundation for growth to enterprises with complex security, scaling, and deployment needs.

What funding will be used for:

Expand universal code search platform


“With more code, languages, and systems to integrate than ever before, the job of the developer is exponentially more difficult than 5-10-15 years ago. Universal Code Search is the only solution that lets developers stay on top of this ever-growing complexity by giving them the ability to search, understand and fix problems across the entire codebase.”

-Quinn Slack, CEO, co-founder, Sourcegraph


  1. Sourcegraph’s corporate customers include Uber, Lyft, Convoy, SoFi and Yelp.  

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