Soona Gets Money for Fast Pro Audio and Video

To help companies that need continuous access to professional quality audio and video content be and stay on top of their creative game, Denver based Soona, which provides next-day  content services for businesses, announced it has raised new money to continue growing.

The startup has raised $1.2 million in seed funding, led by 2048 Ventures and backed by Techstars Ventures and Matchstick Ventures. This is the first funding round for the startup.

The company’s founders, Liz Giorgi and Hayley Anderson, made sure their backers practice what they preach when it comes to gender equality. They asked them to complete the Candor Clause, which requires VC’s to disclose if their members have ever been accused of sexual assault, harassment or other sexually-inappropriate behavior. They hope other startups adopt the clause in their funding proposals to move the discussion to action.

“For years, we have relied on pledges, tweets and think pieces to move this conversation forward,” said the company’s founders in a joint blog post.  “As a team, we were frustrated by our lack of autonomy and empowerment in the process. We felt it was critical that we all move past internet speak and toward action and consequences.”

Soona allows users to receive content created through the company in 24-28 hours through digital download link, storable on its cloud for 30 days for non-members. Members have no storage time limit. The costs for its services is $453 per month, which guarantees an hour of services every month, with discounts on future bookings and unlimited cloud storage. Walk-in visits at its Denver and Minneapolis locations are $393 a session. It’s Soona Anytime service is available online to services clients outside of these locations.

The ground locations provide studios for customers to do photo and video shoots. The company hopes to expand the number of these physical locations in the future.

Video credit: Soona/You Tube

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