Seed Startups Have New Ally to Lure Funding

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An investor platform just made it easier for seed startups to link with angel investors in the U.S. and around the world.

Marquee Equity, a fundraising and deal origination service, announced it has released its accredited investor platform to help seed stage startups meet up with angel investors. It offers zero commission services to these new businesses. The company also helps its clients help prepare for investors with a team of in-house investment bankers to help with financial models, pitch decks and other helpful documents.

Marquee has been delivering a stack which helps clients meet institutional investors, which has provided access to over 95% of the global institutional investor market. Now they want to help seed and pre-A Stage rounds tap funding more easily. The company employs machine learning technology to determine the right times for its clients to get in front of potential investors.

“The angel investor landscape is much more fragmented and accessing the right investors often is a function of whom a founder personally knows — we’re looking to change that,” says Ash Narain, Founder of Marquee Equity, in a statement.

Marquee has worked with over 800 companies since its inception across Silicon Valley, New York City, Boston and other startup ecosystems in the US and around the world.

“The core problem is that super early stage companies do not find representation from high quality advisors and bankers, due to smaller deal sizes — often left to fend for themselves to raise capital,” adds Raj Kabir, co-founder and CTO of Marquee Equity. “Our model marries technology with human advisory to deliver getting investor ready and in front of investors, at scale. It also helps companies that don’t reside in popular startup ecosystems, gain managed access to top investors/advisors within those popular ecosystems where their core markets and future potential investors might be.”

Marquee is currently partnered with Salesforce Ventures, Qualcomm Ventures, Greylock Ventures, Sequoia Capital and other venture capital firms.