Securly Raises $16 Million in Funds For Safer Online Kid Learning

San Jose, California based Securly raised new funds to support its mission to keep adult content away from young eyes searching online for information.

The startup raised $16 million in Series B funding, led by Defy Partners with support from Owl Ventures. Securly has already raised a grand total of $24 million including this current stage.

“Securly has built a unified platform that allows everyone from parents and educators, to IT admins, counselors and superintendents to all participate in the students’ online safety and wellness,” said Vinay Mahadik, CEO and co-founder of Securly. “Each product and service in this platform informs the other, and leverages human-assisted Artificial Intelligence to create a safe future for the kids – something only uniquely possible with Securly.”

Called “The Student Safety Company,” Securly already has 2,000 school districts using its services to secure their technology. The same number is also using its free Chromebook filtering and email auditing services. 500.000 parents use Securly’s parent portal. 10% of U.S. public school districts are using Securly’s services.

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