May 31, 2020

Rosy – $1 Million



Dallas, TX; 2/27/20

Amount Funded: $1 Million

Type: Seed

Investor(s): Social Starts, Joyance Partners, Alex Snodgrass, James Beshara, Erin Newman MD, Laura Baldwin

Company Description: Rosy is the first evidence-based technology platform providing education and resources for women with low sexual desire.


“My goal with Rosy is to use modern technology to make education and resources easily accessible for the millions of women who need it,” said Harper. “As an Ob/Gyn, we don’t even have the training to treat female sexual dysfunction, yet male sexual dysfunction research and treatment options have been on the market for decades. After I kept hitting a wall searching for available resources, I realized it was my responsibility to help not only my patients but women across the country.”

-Lyndsey Harper, MD, Founder, Rosy

“When you meet Lyndsey, it’s apparent that she is on a mission to make healthcare resources more accessible to women by using technology. I had no idea this issue was so prevalent. Women don’t have even close to the same number of resources as men, and investing in companies like Rosy is essential for closing that healthcare gap.”

-James Beshara, investor, founder/CEO, Tilt


  1. Rosy founder Dr. Lyndsey Harper, MD, FACOG, IF, is a board-certified OB/Gyn.

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