May 25, 2020

Rome Therapeutics – $50 Million

Amount funded: $50 million    SERIES A

Investors: GV, ARCH Venture Partners, Partners Innovation Fund

Total funding to date: Develop new therapies for intractable cancers, autoimmune diseases

Location: Cambridge, MA 

Date posted: 04/28/2020

Company Description:ROME Therapeutics is developing novel therapies for cancer and autoimmune diseases by harnessing the power of the repeatome – vast stretches of uncharted genetic material that have long been dismissed as “junk DNA.” With several drug targets identified and multiple discovery programs underway, ROME is moving rapidly to leverage this new frontier in biology.  To lead this exploration, ROME has assembled a team of world-class leaders across fields including oncology, immunology, virology and machine learning.”

CEO: Rosana Kapeller, M.D., Ph.D.

What funding will be used for:  not listed

Media/information contact:

Stephanie Simon
Ten Bridge Communications

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