March 30, 2020

Rivet – $8.25 Million


Salt Lake City, UT ; 03/10/2020

Amount Funded: $8.25 Million

Type: Series A

Lead Investor: Menlo Ventures

Participating Investor(s):  Pelion Venture Partners, Lux Capital

Total Funding to Date: $58 Million

Company Description: Rivet helps heath care patients better understand the cost of their care by making out-of-pocket estimates easier for providers and patients. 

What funding will be used for: “…To accelerate our efforts to bring price transparency to healthcare for providers and patients.” 


“What excites us most is that all of this is just the tip of the iceberg to properly reimagining what modern Revenue Cycle Management will look like. Providers will be empowered to run well-oiled businesses. Patients will have price transparency and a fantastic customer experience. Insurers will look more like partners than adversaries to each of them. Using Rivet’s end-to-end patient billing platform, the patient experience will look more like an checkout than a mailbox full of old letters, and every participant in the process will be better off for it. “

-Ted Ferrin, Co-founder/CEO, Rivet


  1. . Among the biggest clients of Rivet: Ogden Clinic, The Orthopedic Clinic, New Mexico Cancer Center, Tulsa Bone & Joint. 

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