Rest of 2019 Will Bring Bumper Crop of IPO’s

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Lyft, and Pinterest has both launched initial public offerings so far this year, and they won’t be the last.

Various matured startups are planing to go public this year, with funding cash plentiful and several companies hitting valuations of a billion or more. Here are the hot potential IPOs to follow this year.

Airbnb (travel, lodgings)

Valued at $31 billion

Postmates (delivery)

$1.2 billion

Casper (mattress maker)

$1.1 billion

Uber (ride hailing)

$44 billion

Slack (team networking)

$10  billion

Cloudstrike (cybersecurity)

$3 billion

Asana (project management)

$1.5 billion

This list is not complete, since some companies just below billion dollar valuation could hit that mark this year and subsequently decide to go public when they announce their valuations. Check back for more updates.