Real Estate Startup Occupier Raises $1.4 Million

New York City based real estate startup Occupier raised $1.4 million to help businesses make their best location decisions.

The round was supported by several unnamed angel investors and individual investors.

Occupier was founded by three veterans of commercial real estate, Matt Giffune, Erik Pearson and Andrew Flint. They thought that the way companies make real estate decisions is based on outdated and overwhelming data. Occupier centralizes personnel and data, using customizable workflows processes to deliver context and accountability during the commercial leasing process.

“Presently, if a business is executing a growth plan, adapting to shifts in consumer behavior, or accommodating an agile workforce, the choices for managing real estate expose them to significant cost exposure and risk,” said Giffune, in a statement. “Status-quo workflows come with the baggage of slow decision-making, frustrated teams, and poor outcomes. By providing software that fits how modern real estate teams work, Occupier enables companies to achieve business goals.”

Bryan Sparkes, Managing Director at CRE giant JLL added: “Occupier encourages proactivity, delivering insights into risks and opportunities, empowering clients to make informed decisions. It pulls team-members into the process when appropriate, in a centralized location, ensuring that tasks get done on time. We measure our success on client success, and Occupier increases the chances of positive outcomes for our clients.”

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