Raising Funding is Swell for New Venture Fund

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A duo of investors with 50 successfully launched startups between them have launched a new venture capital fund to help launch even more.

Swell Partners has been launched with $3.3 million that will invest in early-stage, category creating companies in different sectors through the United States. Two companies have already been launched, Loft Orbital and Northstar Money.

“Our core belief is you win with people: People determine the outcome and success of a company, said co-partner Rusty Ralston, who with other founding partner Jay Patil lead the new VC. “If a startup isn’t focused on building staggeringly good teams, they may as well go home. We all know products evolve, markets fluctuate, strategies shift. But the only way to solve the hardest problems from scratch, and win, is to be obsessive about the team. That’s the edge Swell gives its portfolio founders.”

Patil added, “Top talent requires very active, insightful recruitment.  That begins with a real understanding about what incentivizes them and how to find the right fit for their career paths. By handling recruiting personally as an investor, a concept that is foundational to Swell, we’re taking ‘founder-investor’ alignment to an unprecedented level.”

Swell Partners is well stocked with partners with significant operating experiences from such companies as Facebook, Lattice, Nextdoor, Brightroll, WeWork and ActionIQ.