May 27, 2020

QBio – $40 Million

San Carlos, CA ; 2/20/20

Amount Funded: $40 Million

Type: Series B

Lead Investor: Andreeseen Horowitz

Participating Investor(s): Khosla Ventures, Founders Fund, Beast Ventures, Thirty5 Venturers, Sea Lane Venturers, SciFi VC

Total Funding to Date: $58 Million

Company Description: “Founded in 2015 by serial entrepreneur Jeff Kaditz, Dr. Michael Snyder and Dr. Garry Choy, Q Bio gives you a deeper understanding of your body and how it’s changing, so you have more control over your health. Q Bio’s platform is a quantitative, clinically-relevant assessment of personal human health. We believe in making preventive health available to everyone so that treatable diseases no longer take lives.”

What funding will be used for:

Improve its proprietary platform and technology to make their preventive health services faster, better and more affordable.


“Since my own misdiagnoses over a decade ago, I’ve imagined a day when everything about a person’s body could be quickly measured, shared and analyzed. It took time but Q Bio was born,” said Jeffrey Kaditz, co-founder and CEO of Q Bio. “We are thrilled to have our current investors continue to share our vision and excitement for what is possible in the field of preventive health.”

-Jeffrey Kadiz, co-founder, CEO, QBio


  1. Joining QBio’s Board of Directors are Vijay Pande, General Partner, Andreessen Horowitz, and Vinod Khosla, Khosla Ventures. 
  2. Clarissa Shen, COO, QBio, will join the board as an observer. 

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