Infrastructure as a Service Provider PubNub Raises $23 Million

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PubNub, a startup that helps companies send and manage communications between each other and their devices smoothly and safely, has announced new funding.

The company raised $23 million in Series D funding, with Hewlett Packard Enterprise coming aboard as a new investor. Cisco Investments, Scale Ventures, Sapphire Ventures remain investors, along with tech companies Bosch and Ericsson. PubNub has raised $70 million so far.

PubNub is an infrastructure as a service (IaaS) provider that offers a up-to-date-network that sends and manages network traffic between companies and devices. According to PubNub, 2,000 companies currently use the platform including AthenaHealth, Adobe, eBay, Bayer and Logitech. It’s technology powers push notification apps, internet of things devices and real time chat services.

The company says its services are centered around three solving three main challenges of building real time operating apps: connecting all devices so that they work in real time, global delivery of commands with as little downtime as possible, and management of the app that avoids data slowing latency in apps.

2 trillion messages have been sent by PubNub, while 330 million unique devices use the service, according to the company.

No valuation of the company’s net worth has been provided.