‘Pokémon Go’ Creator Announces $190 Million Funding

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Niantic, the maker of the popular gaming app Pokémon Go, confirmed a long reported $190 million in funding.

This big haul was provided by 26 un-named investors with a valuation at $3.9 billion, according to an earlier report last month from the Wall Street Journal. The WSJ also reported in a December 20 report that venture capital firm IVP, Samsung and axiomatic Gaming participated in the funding.

Pokémon Go was a very successful product when it was launched in July 2016, reportedly raking in nearly $800 million in revenue last year. Players of the game spent $2.2 billion since its launch, according to a report from Sensor Tower, an app industry blog.

The game lets players walk around the real world to find video game creatures in the AR realm. Players were led by the game to numerous locations in neighborhoods and private properties to find these creatures. This led to some well publicized incidents related to the game that helped boost its popularity.

Niantic is planning a new gaming app based on the successful Harry Potter films, with Warner Bros. Pictures, according to CNBC. This game, like Pokémon Go, will be AR based.

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