Parsley Heath Raises $26 Million for Wellness Platform

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Parsley Heath, based in New York City, announced it raised new funding to for its data driven health and wellness platform.

The startup announced it has raised $26 million in Series B funding from White Star Capital which lead the funding in this round. White Star is joined in this round by Trail Mix Ventures, Alpha Edison, Galaxy Digital Ventures, Firstmark Capital, Amplo, Arkitekt Ventures, Nat Turner and Tom Lee.

Parsley Health, founded by CEO Robin Berzin MD, provides a more data driven heath assessment service that builds a biography of the patient’s health and wellness history, assigns a personal doctor, and gives an assessment of the patient’s current health state, along with a plan to manage their health. The patient’s health is tracked over time with the doctors working with Parsley Heath.

“I started Parsley Heath because I saw how broken healthcare is today,” said Berzin, on the website. “We are making ourselves sick as a population, though how we eat, move, and live while traditional medicine layers on more pills, waiting for us to get sicker.”

Parsley Heath offers health and wellness programs for individuals and corporations. The company offers primary care with fewer prescriptions, and personalized health care guidance for as little as less than $5 a day.