Onna Raises $11 Million Series A to Forward Info Centralization

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Onna, a New York based company which is also headquartered in Barcelona, has announced it has raised $11 million in Series A equity funding to boost its central information access business.

The round was led by Dawn Capital, aided by Dropbox, the Slack Fund, and Natua Capital.

Onna helps make proprietary information accessible, useful and secure, and its current customers, such as Electronic Arts (EA), Dropbox, Fitbit, Vizio and Facebook, are using the platform to complete their legal research, compliance, knowledge management and enterprise search tasks.

“Our technology consists of bringing several disruptive technologies together,” said Salim Elkhou, Founder and CEO at Onna, in a statement. “We created three distinct innovative frameworks that make Onna what it is today (I) one that synchronizes modern databases with fast search indexes, deriving the benefits from both, mainly in speed and security, (II) a second that communicates with all connected systems and monitors changes across billions of files and communication channels, and (III)  a modernly architected processing platform that goes very deep across virtually any data type or language.”

Dawn Capital’s Norman Fiore will be joining the Onna board. “Helping employees find, organize and protect crucial business information when it sits across all these apps is a big challenge,” he said. “Onna’s solution has already seen great traction in eDiscovery with a legal use case, with annual recurring revenue having more than tripled over the past year.”

The last investment funding round was $5 million seed round in October 2017.

Image credit: Onna, PR Newsphoto

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