July 4, 2020

Nature’s Toolbox – $13 Million

Santa Fe NM ; 2/26/20

Amount Funded: $13 Million

Type: Series A

Lead Investor: Anzu Partners

Participating Investor(s): None  

Company Description:

“Nature’s Toolbox, Inc. is an early stage biomanufacturing and bioinformatics company based in Santa Fe, NM. The company has developed a proprietary host-independent biological manufacturing and development platform used for pharmaceutical drug discovery and manufacturing of biologicals to counter disease.”

What funding will be used for:

To advance the company’s proprietary host-independent biological manufacturing, developing the platform used for pharmaceutical drug discovery, manufacturing of biologicals to counter disease.


Current production methods for biologics rely on E. coli enzymes for in vitro methods, or slower and more costly fermentation processes, that are known to be challenged by consistency issues and inefficient in the production of clean, quality products of requisite purity. NTx has developed a completely novel recombinant cell-free biosynthesis platform, that is designed to drive and sustain syntheses for days, with the goal of allowing one person, using a single workstation, to produce enough of any single protein vaccine or biologic for 100 million people in a 30-day period.”

-Alex Koglin, PhD, co-founder, Nature’s Toolbox



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