Momentus Latest Fund Haul is Out of This World

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Momentus Space has big plans in the outer universe, and they just received new funding to put them into action.

The astro-tech startup received a $25.5 million Series A investment led by Prime Movers Lab, with additional funding from Y Combinator, the University of Wyoming Foundation, Quiet Capital, the Lerner Family, ACE & Company, Mountain Nazca, Liquid 2 Ventures, Drake Management and other investors. This latest haul brings Momentus’ total funding to $34 million.

Momentus plans to accelerate the development of its technology and flight systems, as well as help conduct in-space flight tests and paid customer missions. Part of this effort will include moving most of its development in-house and investing in vertical integration. The money will also allow the two year old startup to do additional flight demonstrations in 2020.

The company was founded by space entrepreneur Mikhail Kokorich and Lev Khasis in Santa Clara, CA. It was launched to provide transportation to space destinations not possible through commercial aircraft.