McDonalds (Yes, McDonalds!) Buys a Tech Startup

Global fast food company McDonalds thinks it deserves a break today when it comes to modern tech, so it has bought a tech firm to help modernize its services.

The company announced today that it bought Dynamic Yield, Ltd. for $300 million. The startup is based in New York and Tel Aviv.

McDonald’s aim is to use the technology to provide an even more personalized customer service experience by regularly changing drive thru menu displays based on the time of day, weather, restaurant patronage and top menu sales. It can even suggest additional orders based on their current selections. McDonalds wants this new technology to go live on its drive thru menu displays starting in 2019. It’s already online on its indoor store menus.

“Technology is a critical element of our Velocity Growth Plan, enhancing the experience for our customers by providing greater convenience on their terms,” said Steve Easterbrook, President and CEO of the McDonald’s Corporation, in a statement. “With this acquisition, we’re expanding both our ability to increase the role technology and data will play in our future and the speed with which we’ll be able to implement our vision of creating more personalised experiences for our customers.”

And as far as now being the sole property of McDonalds and receiving its full attention and support, Dynamic Yield is…well…lovin’ it.

“We started Dynamic Yield seven years ago with the premise that customer-centric brands must make personalization a core activity,” said Dynamic Yield co-founder and CEO Liad Agmon. “We’re thrilled to be joining an iconic global brand such as McDonald’s and are excited to innovate in ways that have a real impact on people’s daily lives.”

Dynamic Yield will continue to be a stand-alone company within McDonalds and will continue to serve its present and future clients. It’s employees will keep their respective offices. No word on whether they will get free Big Macs.

Image credit: McDonalds

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