May 31, 2020

Jassby – $5 Million

Watham, MA ; 3/5/20

Amount Funded: $5 Million

Type: Not Listed

Lead Investor: Moneta Capital, Needham Bank

Participating Investor(s): Blumberg Capital, Correlation VC, PnP Ventures

Total Funding to Date: $10 Million

Company Description: Jassby, a fintech startup, offers families a service through which kids can receive money from their parents and grandparents, and can then save, donate or spend, all on a safe, controlled and fully digital platform. 

What funding will be used for: Fuel continued growth and accelerate Jassby’s development roadmap.


“Advancing financial literacy is one of our core values. As well as creating a world-class platform for kids and families: one that does not rely only on plastic cards, and has no fees. We have built a cutting-edge system that allows us to partner with schools, sports clubs and businesses to create a full Eco-System for our users. I see us adding more and more layers of services to our App and we plan on raising an additional $20M later this year, to drive us closer towards 1 million users with a year.”

-Benjamin Nachman, CEO, Jassby


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