Instagram Users See Followers Disappear Thanks to Bug

Instagram is a social platform used by entrepreneurs and marketers around the world to keep in touch with their clients and followers. They all had cause for concern when a bug sent their audience numbers fluctuating inexplicably.

The bug, which occurred in the early morning hours of Wednesday, caused a sudden and drastic fall in users followers, causing some to wonder if Instagram was weeding its user base for fake and fraudulent accounts to combat spam.

Numerous influencer and self marketers noticed the sharp decline in their user base. Celebrities like singers Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez lost at least 2 million followers. Even Kinsington Palace in the U.K. reportedly lost 150 thousand followers.

Instagram would later confirm to the tech website Fast Company that a glitch caused the sudden shedding of followers in user accounts and that they should return soon. Instagram did not elaborate on exactly what that glitch was.

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