Inari Grows More Funding For Next Generation Seeds

Cambridge MA based Inari, which develops high performance seeds,  announced it raised new funding to continue its new agri-tech endeavors.

The startup announced it has raised $89 million in Series C funding from Investment Corporation of Dubai, Flagship Pioneering, EBDI and Acre Venture Partners. Other unnamed investors are also funding this round.

The startup has raised $144 million since its launch.

“We have the ability to rapidly enhance nature’s genetic diversity and provide ways to increase yields, save water and reduce agriculture’s impact on our land and climate,” said Inari CEO Ponsi Trivisvavet, in a statement. “Our technologies address not only the needs of growers,  but those of the environment as well.”

Inari works with independent seed producers to develop high performing plant varieties which improve the economic and environmental realities of production agriculture. Inari uses its own computational and genetic resources to help develop these products.

In addition to its Cambridge home, 120 employee strong Inari is also located in West Lafayette, Indiana and Ghent, Belgium.


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