GreenLight Biosciences Raises $50 Million

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Hoping to further its discovery and development of bio-performance products to combat illnesses in humans and agriculture, GreenLight Biosciences announced completion of a $50 million funding round.

This round was led by S2G Ventures, Baird Captial and Blue I/O. Joining those funders are Tao Captial Partners, Continental Grain Company, and Alexandria Venture Investments.

GreenLight’s current mission is to deliver “cost effective, high quality RNA solutions to human, animal and plant challenges that really work-without damaging our environment.” The startup works with leading corporations and academic institutions to grow their portfolio of bio-performance based solutions that could aid plants and humans.

“We are very excited about the opportunities that will result from this funding round, said Andrey Zarur, CEO and Founder of GreenLight, in a statement. “Our mission is to accelerate the creation and development of RNA solutions that perform at a level that is equal to or exceeds current plant and life science solutions-naturally.”

GreenLight is based in Boston, Mass.