From Pets to Bikes: Wag Founders Move on to New Project

Brothers Jonathan and Joshua Vinter founded the popular dog walking app Wag, which became an industry redefining service that raised $400 million from investors.

So after departing that app last year, the Vinters have now launched a new venture, Wheels, that allows users to share motorized bikes much the same way Bird and similar companies lend scooters in communities.

Wheels has developed a concept where its bikes are modular and parts can be easily swapped out or replaced, saving the company bike downtime due to maintenance issues. Vehicle transporters relocate the bikes to maintenance facilities based on real time information provided by its bike monitoring service.

“We’ve spent countless research and development hours on new manufacturing and servicing models to afford first-ever offerings such as swappable part replacements and removable batteries,” said Jonathan Vinter.

Wheels, Wednesday, announced it raised $37 million from several investors including Tenaya Capital, Bullpen Captial, and 3L Capital. It is also adding to its staffing ranks, with ex-Lyft Director of Product Ben Shaken joining as Chief Product Officer, and Marco McCottry, who will be Wheel’s COO after leading Bird’s North American operations.


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