Standout Startup: For Symplifiya, it’s all About Compliance

The legal cannabis industry is growing, and that growth means having to navigate a patchwork of legal minefields, including states where cannabis is  now legal to possess and sell.

So many cannabis businesses are turning to companies like Simplifya to help them sort out these issues. Simplifya gives cannabis businesses the power to manage themselves with legal, operations and technology services to make dealing with compliance issues easier.

“Simplifya gives [retail cannabis based] businesses the power to delegate, review, and proactively manage compliance tasks across all facilites and license types,” said a statement from the Simplifya website. “With easy-to-use tools for scheduling, audit management, and tracking issues, we give you a 360-degree view of your compliance.”

Simplifya’s SOP feature automates assigning, tracking and versioning of the standard operating procedures of cannabis businesses. It’s Smart Cabinet feature puts all of that businesses most important compliance documents in one place. It calls its services “ease of compliance.”

It introduced its web-based compliance tools in Colorado in late 2016, and has now expanded its services to California, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, Oregon and Ohio.

Launched in 2016 in Denver, Colorado, one of a growing list of legal cannabis states, Simplifya reportedly raised $6 million in funding from Meridia Capital Partners last year. The company was founded by CEO Marion Mariathasan, who has founded several startups prior to Simplifya.

Its plans for the future include continuing its growth and expansion through the U.S. and globally.

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