Fastly Lays Out Plans to Go Public

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In what seems to be a huge year in the making for tech startups going public, an eight year old Infrastructure and a Service firm has decided now’s the time to enter the Wall Street arena.

Fastly has announced it has filed to launch its initial public offering, according to it’s recently filed S-1 with the SEC. It plans to raise $100 million from this IPO.

The number of shares Fastly is offering has not been determined. Bank of America/Merrill Lynch, CItigroup and Credit Suisse will jointly lead the offering. No roadshow announcement has been made yet.

Although this IPO filing is not getting the level of hype of its peers Pinterest, Uber and Lyft. It’s still on the radar of investors looking for the next big thing in the tech business.

“Fastly has produced impressive financial and operational metrics and I expect the IPO to be in high demand,” said Donovan Jones, CEO of

Fastly provides rapid cloud computing platforms for companies, mainly media, ecommerce, travel, financial and software as a service firms. Among Fastly’s largest customers are Ticketmaster, GitHub, Pinterest (itself just filed an IPO), BuzzFeed and Alaska Airlines.

The stock will list on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol “FSLY.”