Facebook, Instagram Outage Leaves Users Frustrated

Facebook, Instagram and other affiliated services were down for half of Wednesday, and as of Wednesday night, the services remain down for the eleventh hour.

The outage frustrated users, including startups and brands who rely on Instagram especially to reach their customers and audiences. Facebook and Twitter were themselves forced to communicate to users on the status of their networks through rival social network, Twitter.


The outage was particularly frustrating to Instagram users, who reported non-loading posts, absent Stories posts, and for some, the inability to log on period. Instagram is the social network of choice for brands and influencers who, at least temporarily, found themselves cut off from their audiences and waiting for some word on when the service will be back online.

Facebook has not identified the cause of the lengthy outage, nor has provided an specific time as when the apps will be back online. According to Downdetector.com, Facebook was offline since shortly after noon, with Instagram offline roughly the same time. Other Facebook properties, WhatsApp and Occulus VR were also affected. As of 11pm Wednesday night, some users of Facebook and Instagram reported slow or no logon while a few were able to get in on ether the app or website.

Facebook denies that its networks were hacked or were victimized by denial of service attacks. Facebook says work to restore the services remains ongoing.

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