Education Entertainment Startup Encantos Scores $2 Million Seed

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Hoping to launch early-learning minded subscription services aimed at younger consumers, Culver City, California based Encantos has new funding to get started.

The oversubscribed $2 million seed round was led by Kapor Capital with participation from Boston Meridian Partners, Chingona Ventures, Human Ventures, Goldhirsh Foundation and MathCapital. Angel investors backing Encantos include Antonio Lucio (Facebook CMO), Tom Chavez (super{set} Startup Studio CEO), Rich Greenfield (Partner at LightShed Partners), Linda Jet (Softbank Partner) and Michael Kassan (Medialink CEO).

Encantos was launched in 2015 by Steven Wolfe Pereira and Susie Jaramillo, CEO and President and Chief Creative Officer, respectively. Encantos helps parents focused on teaching their children 21st century learning, literacy and like skills but have little time or resources to curate the lessons, develop experiences or provide the needed materials. Encantos lets parents teach their kids learning skills (i.e., creativity, communication, collaboration, culture, and critical thinking), literacy skills (i.e., civics, environmental, financial, health and wellness, and STEAM) and life skills (i.e., adaptability, entrepreneurship, leadership, responsibility, and social-emotional). It has already been selected as one of the Elite 200 companies competing in the GSV Cup, and will be present at the this year’s ASU GSV Summit.

“Encantos’ oversubscribed round is a testament to its experienced team, its purpose-driven brands, and its powerful vision,” said Samara Mejia Hernandez, Founding Partner at Chingona Ventures, one of Encanto’s investors, in a statement. “As a venture firm committed to investing in diverse founders, Encantos understands that over 50 percent of today’s kids are multicultural and their brands are tapping into a huge opportunity within the family entertainment and education industries that is often overlooked. We’re excited to see more and more families turn to Encantos for their best-in-class products and services that are learner-centered, wonderfully diverse and are inspiring the next generation of leaders.”

Adds Encantos’ CEO and Co-Founder Pereira, “With the support of our world-class investors, we believe we are well-positioned to scale Encantos and are very excited about bringing our products and services to more kids helping them reach their potential.

Encantos plans to use the funding primarily for its subscription services that deliver engaging educational digital experiences and physical hands-on craft activities for pre-school and primary school age children.

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