March 30, 2020

Deep North – $25.7 Million

Foster City, CA ; 03/12/2020

Amount Funded: $25.7 Million

Type: Series A

Lead Investor: Celeres Investments

Participating Investor(s): Engage, AI List Capital

Company Description: Deep North is a pioneer in Computer Vision and AI, focused on providing insights for the physical world that previously could only be captured online. Its patent-pending platform utilizes advanced and highly accurate object recognition to turn simple video feeds into powerful, actionable, and predictable analytics about the customer journey such as product interaction, traffic patterns, optimal utilization, customer service and more. Deep North solutions are designed to help retailers, shopping malls, grocers, and building managers improve real-time decision-making to enhance profitability, efficiency and safety.

What funding will be used for:  To Digitize its brick and mortar platform and take them global.


“Deep North’s solution provides shopping malls, brick-and-mortar retail stores and transportation hubs with the real-time data and analytics they need to reclaim consumer traffic from the digital world, thereby creating a better customer experience. With the support of respected global brands, we are confident that our platform is truly enabling the experiential retail that today’s customers are demanding, as well as demonstrably increasing operational efficiency and driving revenue for retailers.”

-Rohan Sanil, co-founder/CEO, Deep North


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