Databricks Tops 2019 Unicorns So Far

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Internet services startup Databricks is the front-runner so far among US based tech startups that have become unicorns, or businesses that have reach or exceeded the one billion valuation threshold.

At $2.7 billion in valuations, Databricks leads Fintech unicorn Lemonade and automotive tech Aurora, both at $2 billion each.

So far in 2019, there has been 18 announced unicorns, with financial services and e-commerce startups most prominent among types of startups.

Here are the top 5 so far:

1. Databricks – Internet Svcs $2.7

2. (Tie) Lemonade – Fintech $2 billion/
Aurora – Automotive tech $2 billion

3. Segment – Customer data $1.5

4. Chime – Fintech $1.5

5. EZCater – Corporate Catering $1.25

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