Connected2Fiber Connects to $5.3 Million in Funding

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Connected2Fiber, an “Industry Cloud for Connectivity” startup announced it has received $5.3 million in funding which it will use to push growth by investing in product development and go-to-market activities.

The startup received the funds from Ascent Venture Partners, Osage Venture Partners, NXT Ventures and Nauta Capital. It has raised $14 million in captial so far.

Connected2Fiber’s The Connected World provides trusted, location-focused insight and applications to network sellers and buyers. The core SaaS based platform automates many of the manual sales and marketing processes, from plan to price, found in network operators and managed service providers with trusted location insight serving as its foundation. Over 225 million locations are currently managed by The Connected World.

“There’s tremendous opportunity in the market for Connected2Fiber to serve as the system of intelligence regarding location and network serviceability, and to enable our clients with a powerful set of applications and APIs to power participation, targeting and pricing use cases” said Ben Edmond, Founder & CEO of Connected2Fiber, in a blog post. “Our investors share this viewpoint, and we’ll be putting this capital to work in order to further improve our product and customer experience.”

“Connected2Fiber has demonstrated its ability to add enormous value in the connectivity market to a broad range of clients, from Tier 1 networks to infrastructure operators” stated Matt Fates, General Partner at Ascent Venture Partners. “Its location-based data and applications have become the system of record for clients. This latest investment will help accelerate the impressive growth that Connected2Fiber has already demonstrated.”

Connected2Fiber’s customers include Mosaic Networkx, Bluepro Network, and Fiberlight.