May 25, 2020

CellFE – $4.8 Million


San Carlos, CA; 03/31/2020

Amount Funded: $4.8 Million (Oversubscribed)

Type: Seed

Lead Investor: Dynamk Capital, Cota Captial

Participating Investor(s):  Embark Ventures, Elm Ventrues, McEwan Lane Family Trust

Company Description: A privately held, early-stage company focused on the application of microfluidics in the process of delivering gene-editing molecules into human cells. CellFE’s executive team is composed of members who bring strong expertise in the theoretical and practical aspects of the technology, as well as experience in leadership and business operations. CellFE’s research and development efforts are led by world-class scientists who share a passion for engineering life-saving therapies.

What funding will be used for:  To continue development  of cell therapy  solutions. 


“We are excited to partner with an absolutely fantastic team of investors to support us in our pursuit of setting a new standard for engineering of therapeutic cells. Oversubscribing the intended $3M round to $4.8M accelerates our technology development and early partnership programs.”

-Alla Zamarayeva, CEO, CellFE

“Cell and gene therapies are one of the fastest growing sectors in biotechnology today. However, the manufacturing technology needed for such therapies requires further refinement. CellFE’s technology provides a new alternative for high throughput, rapid, and more affordable manufacturing by enabling faster cell gene-editing. We look forward to supporting the CellFE team to scale their business and make their technology broadly available.” 

– Dr. Gustavo Mahler, venture partner,  Dynamk Capital.

Note: Dr. Gustavo Mahler, venture partner, Dynamk Capital and Bobby Yazdani, founder and managing partner, Cota Capital, will be joining CellFE’s board of directors. 

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