Apple Scoops Up UK Based Marketting Startup

Apple took a major step in improving their marketing arsenal by doing what it usually does when it needs new skills and technology: buy a startup that specializes in what it needs.

This time its U.K. based DataTiger, which says its technology can “optimize the marketing journeys” of customers by using data to send materials and push notifications to consumers, according to a report from Bloomberg. Apple has not confirm the acquisition, although Bloomberg notes Apple now controls the name of Operatedata Ltd., the legal name of DataTiger.

The DataTiger website has only its email address, privacy policy and logo. No mention of its operating status or other information is available on the site.

Apple has bought many startups in recent years to acquire talent and technology to bolster its products and services. The most recent acquisitions before DataTiger are Shazam, the music recognition app, Akonia Holographics, which provides tech for AI glasses, and the magazine subscription service Texure.

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