Anti-Phishing Startup INKY Raises $6 Million

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INKY, a San Diego based startup that specializes in next-generation anti-phishing technologies, announced it has raised more funding.

The company landed $6 million in funding led by ClearSky Security, along with participation from Gula Tech Adventures. This closes out INKY’s previously announced Series A funding.

Ron Gula, founder of investor Gula Tech, will be joining INKY’s Board of Advisory as part of the funding deal.

INKY uses the power of cutting-edge computer vision technology to examine the deceptive ways criminals are putting together phishing attacks. The company can detect and block today’s phishing attacks that use even the most sophisticated tactics like hidden text and altered logos before they reach end users.

The latest round of funding will allow INKY to “significantly expand its market reach and further extend its considerable lead in anti-phishing technology over both competitors and cybercriminals,’ said INKY CEO Dave Bagget, in a statement.


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