Aerospace Startup Raises $100 Million for Supersonic Aircraft

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A Denver based aerospace startup has announced new funding to help it further its air travel ambitions.

Boom Supersonic has raised $100 million in Series B funding, provided by Sunstone, a diversified capital investment and management firm that lead the round. Y Combinator and other investors joined in the investment.

Boom Supersonic plans to make supersonic air travel more accessible around the world by developing aircraft that fosters this high speed travel. Boom’s fleet has 55 seats and according to Boom’s statement, can shuttle passengers between London and New York City in just longer than three hours, flying at more than double the speed of sound.

Boom wants to continue prototype construction and testing on its supersonic aircraft fleet.

“This new funding allows us to advance work on Overture, the world’s first economically viable supersonic airliner,” said Boom CEO Blake Scholl, in a statement. “At Boom, our vision is to remove the barriers to experiencing the planet. Today, the time a cost of long-distance travel prevent us from connecting with far-off people and places. Overture fares will be similar to today’s business class-widening horizons for tens of millions of travelers. Ultimately, our goal is to make high-speed flight affordable to all.”

“We’re excited to be a part of this Series B funding, and know that it will continue to yield returns to partners and investors in our Venture Capital Fund,” said Sunstone Management founding partner John Shen.

Boom has already raised seed funds from partners and has received plane orders from Virgin Atlantic Airways and Japan Airlines.

Pictured: Boom Supersonic’s Overture airliner. (Boom Supersonic)