August 11, 2020

About StartupsOne

StartupsOne is your source for what tech startups are getting funded right now.

We focus on key information (provided by the startups or venture capital firms whose funding is being covered, not third party sources) on startup funding rounds for each round we cover…

  • How much funding raised in the round
  • What investors are involved (and who’s leading)
  • Background on companies being funded
  • What the funding will be used for

StartupsOne has been cited by startups and investors alike for keeping track on funding activities each weekday. They recognize our commitment to providing readers with the best, most accurate information on startup funding available on the web.

Whether you are an investor, startup executive, staff member or backer, media or data researcher, you’ll find our data is current, complete, and more accessible that any other similar data source. 

StartupsOne, launched in 2018 as Creative Avenue, provides venture capital funding announcements on investments in technology oriented startup businesses in North America.

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