A2 Biotherapeutics Raises $57 Million for Smart Cancer Cell Targeting

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Out of stealth mode and ready to launch, A2 Biotherapeutics announced it has raised $57 million in Series A funding for its new cell therapies for cancer patients.

The funding is provided by The Column Group, Vida Ventures, Samsara BioCapital and Nextech Invest.

The Agoura Hills, California based bio-tech firm was founded in 2018 by veteran industry leaders, has a unique and potentially broad solution for one of cancer’s most vexing problems: targeting tumor cells without killing normal cells.

The company employs discovery and optimization technology to identify antibody and T-cell receptor fragments that bind to targets that are technically challenging but definitively distinguish tumor cells.

“This approach has the promise of being utilized for multiple tumor types, providing solutions for many cancer patients,” said Alexander Kamb, co-founder and chief scientific officer of the company, in a statement.  “A2 Biotherapeutics has potent, highly selective binders that we combine into molecular constructs to integrate multiple signals and potentially provide a large therapeutic window.”

The startup has plans to further develop four programs with the first clinical candidate expected in 2020 and is open to collaborations that will rapidly advance these programs.