10 US Based Startups Become Unicorns So Far in 2019

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2019 is fast becoming the year of the startup unicorn, and the flurry of innovation minded companies hitting billion dollar status proves it.

According to a data analysis by CB Insights, a tech insights firm, ten United States based tech startups hit or exceeded one billion in valuations so far this year. Many hit this mark after announcing a successful major funding round.

2019 is already beating the previous year in number of startups at or above billion dollar status. This time last year, five startups hit unicorn status (Snowflake, Medmen, Doordash, UiPath, Heartflow). 53 US based startups would eventually hit unicorn status in 2018.

United States based Unicorn Tech Startups

So far 2019 (Data compiled from CB Insights)

Aurora $2 billion valuation (Feb 7) Automotive tech

Marqeta $1.85b (Mar 22) Fintech

Chime $1.5b (Mar 5) Fintech

Glossier $1.2b  (Mar 19) eCommerce

Hims $1.1b (Jan 28) eCommerce/Health and Wellness

TuSimple $1.09b (Feb 13) Automotive tech

Health Catalyst $1b (Feb 7) Health Solutions

Calm $1b (Feb 6) Health & Wellness

Rent The Runway $1 b (Feb 20) eCommerce

Collibra $1 b (Jan 29) AI

Also noteworthy, two of the new billion dollar startups, both announced this week, were founded and led by female entrepreneurs (Glossier, with Emily Weiss and Rent The Runway, Jennifer Hyman).

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